How much do your char worth?
Who is Maldy?

Maldy is the former Trade Prince from goblins of Kezan. Specialized in give values to slaves, Maldy is now the name behind this site.

A site where you will can see the value of your char from World of Warcraft. To do that, just type the your char's name and server in the above fields and Maldy will do the hard work to check it's value!

How Maldy Works?

With your character's name and server, Maldy will try to do his hard work:

  • First, he goes untill Blizzard and ask them more information about your char.
  • If Blizzard is kindly to give the information, then Maldy start his calculations.
  • Maldy will check your great feats and treasures, and then do a secret calculation to tell your character's value.
  • All this process is 100% safe and doesn't hurt your characters.

Top 5!

Shattered Halls (US)
$ 14,366.00
Illidan (US)
$ 14,045.50
Galakrond (EU)
$ 13,854.50
Sargeras (US)
$ 13,671.00
Tichondrius (US)
$ 13,355.00
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